Care Plans

Care Plans

Care Plans

Care Plans


If you are able to visit and meet us, we will use this opportunity to start building your individualised care plan including:

  • The type of bedroom and support equipment needed.
  • Likes and dislikes – right down to details such as preference of blankets or a duvet on the bed?
  • How much medical support is required.

If you are not able for any reason to come and meet us, one of our senior care team will some to see you, where at all possible.

Personalised Care Plans

All of our Care Plans are completely personal to each individual resident. They are a direct reflection of the needs, preferences and wishes of each person in our care, their family and any previously known wishes, to ensure we:

  • enhance each resident’s quality of life and
  • identify any changes
  • respond quickly and effectively to their changing needs

This is achieved through a combination of good observation, knowledge of the person’s wishes, likes and dislikes as well as trying to be proactive rather than reactive. These are followed by the whole team during their day to day interaction with the resident. Any changes are therefore quickly identified and recorded in the resident's Care Plan.

On-going Communication and Family Support

We understand how important it is to keep relatives informed of their loved one's care. For this reason we have a named person and keyworker system, working within the larger team. They really get to know the residents, their life history plus what they like and enjoy doing. They are also there to develop a relationship with the family in order to provide emotional and practical support. They will be happy to discuss ways you can continue to play a key role in your loved one's care.

6 Monthly Reviews

These involve key people as well as the resident and their chosen relative or friend and are held at least 6 monthly.

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