End of Life Care Plans

High Quality End of Life Care

Increasingly residents choose to spend their final days in care homes. At Elder Homes we are committed to providing a high quality end of life care service which is pain free, respectful, dignified and carried out entirely in line with the resident’s wants and wishes, with an emphasis on good communication with all involved.

Residents with a condition that no longer responds to treatment do not have to spend their final days in hospital or hospice. Instead they can choose to spend this time, in the familiar surroundings of their room, being looked after by their GP, family and our staff that they know and who are highly experienced in palliative and end of life care.

End of Life Care Plan

In addition, we follow best practice standards and work alongside Marie Curie, Macmillan and Edinburgh University.

Relatives and friends of residents who are acutely unwell or dying and welcome to stay at the home. There is a self-contained flat at Cluny (Subject to availability).

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