NAPPI Training

What is NAPPI?

As part of our on-going training program and desire to provide a high standard individual care to each of those residents who choose to stay with us, we have been utilising NAPPI training.

NAPPI stands for Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Interventions. NAPPI UK is based in Scarborough


By using NAPPI UK guidelines and teachings, we feel we are better able to support all the resident’s in our care by such skills as:

  • Staying One Step Ahead, being prepared and organised plus knowing what the person’s preferences are.
  • Being aware of people’s stresses and how to prevent and manage these
  • Finding out and utilising preferences to ensure people have as fulfilling life as possible

NAPPI Safety

We are also keen to ensure all our staff are supported and able to keep safe themselves, hence using the NAPPI physical skills. These are a completely non-abusive way of staff being able to protect themselves.

The two skills taught are X – Shield, which would allow someone to protect themselves from a blow, if needed and how to remove them self, safely from if their wrist were to be grabbed.

NAPPI Training

In order to maximise NAPPI training within the organisation, Elder Homes have invested in ‘Training a Trainer’. Our current trainer is Cheryl Henderson, ‘Education and Dementia co-ordinator’ for Elder Homes. Although this is a time and financial investment, we feel it is worthwhile for the safety and security of both residents and staff at Elder Homes.

NAPPI Centre of Excellence Award

We are pleased to announce that in 2015 Elder Homes Ltd were established as a ‘NAPPI UK Centre of Excellence’.

A Centre of Excellence award is given to a team that excels in a particular focus area, in this case - NAPPI.

This particular award is given by NAPPI to reflect our commitment to the care of individuals, by utilising the NAPPI principles.

NAPPI is accredited with the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) under the prestigious Physical Intervention Accreditation Scheme (PIAS). Elder Homes feel that these principles show best practice, although we do not work directly with individuals with Learning Disabilities.

Under this scheme training providers are required to ensure that organisations with on-site trainers adhere to the requirements of the BILD Code of Practice for the Use and Reduction of Restrictive Physical Interventions (2010).

A NAPPI UK Centre of Excellence award is granted to an organisation that can demonstrate a high standard of NAPPI training in excess of the rigorous requirements of the BILD Code. This includes:

  • Supporting retention and knowledge transfer into working practice
  • Prompt submissions of post-course documentation that meet stringent audit criteria
  • Evidence that principles of positive behaviour support have been embedded into the culture

The most important thing to us is that our residents have the best care and are safe whilst they choose to stay with us. We also want to ensure that our staff are confident, competent and safe. We feel that using the NAPPI UK training and principles helps us to achieve this.

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